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CHEM Trust policy submissions and letters

Joint letter to EU Parliament President Schulz on TTIP, July 2016

  • A joint NGO letter to European Parliament President Schulz, expressing our serious concerns that the European Commission is failing to respect the European Parliament’s 2015 Resolution on TTIP. See also press release.

Joint letter to Commission President Juncker on EDC Criteria, June 2016

  • A joint NGO letter to European Commission President Juncker regarding the setting of criteria to identify EDC chemicals.

Response to the Commission’s consultation on the non-REACH REFIT, May 2016

  • A CHEM Trust response to the Commission’s consultation on the non-REACH Regulatory Fitness Check, or REFIT.

Joint letter to Commissioners Timmermans, Vella and Bienkowska regarding the non-REACH REFIT failing ‘Better Regulation’ guidelines, May 2016

  • A joint NGO letter to European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans and Commissioners Vella and Bienkowska regarding the ongoing non-REACH chemicals ‘Regulatory Fitness Check’ or REFIT, which is not following Better Regulation guidelines. This letter has been covered by Chemical Watch.
  • Within days of the receipt of this letter the Commission published their Roadmap for the non-REACH chemicals REFIT. Its file name starts ‘2015-‘, suggesting that it was completed some months ago.

Response to a consultation on CLP and related legislation, as part of the non-REACH REFIT, April 2016

  • A CHEM Trust response to a targeted stakeholder consultation on the regulatory fitness check for the Classification and Labelling (CLP) Regulation and related legislation, part of the non-REACH Regulatory Fitness Check, or REFIT.

Response to UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on the environmental impact of microplastics, April 2016

Joint NGO letter to REACH committee regarding Bisphenol A and DEHP, April 2016

Joint NGO letter to UK MEPs on glyphosate, April 2016

  • A joint NGO letter to UK MEPs calling for them to vote to object to a proposal from the Commission to renew the authorisation to use glyphosate.

Joint NGO letter to Environment Ministers on Endocrine Disruptors, February 2016

  • A joint letter from the EDC Free coalition, including CHEM Trust, sent to EU Environment Ministers on 29th February 2016, asking them to call on the European Commission to set criteria to identify endocrine disrupters based on 3 categories.

CHEM Trust Briefing: Chemicals in food contact materials: A gap in the internal market, a failure in public protection, January 2016

Joint CHEM Trust and Greenpeace response to a consultation on the UK’s Chemicals Stakeholder Forum, January 2016

Joint UK NGO and Union letter to Commissioner Andriukaitis regarding setting criteria to identify EDC chemicals, January 2016.

  • CHEM Trust joined with health NGOs, the Unite Union, the Soil Association and the Land Workers Alliance to send a letter to EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis about the issue of setting criteria to identify Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals. He replied to our letter in February 2016.

Joint NGO letter to President Juncker regarding the European Court of Justice ruling on the Commission’s failure to set criteria to identify Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, January 2016

  • CHEM Trust, EEB, HEAL and PAN jointly sent a letter to President Juncker, copied to First Vice President Timmermans and Commissioners Andriukaitis and Vella, criticising the Commission’s inaction following the ECJ ruling.

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